Stage LPG Flame Projector
SKU#: CFX1105
#: Stage LPG Fire Machine 200W Flame Projector DMX512 LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) Flame Machine 110V/220V

Stage DMX512 LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) Flame Machine 110V/220V


Product NameDMX LPG Flame Machine
Flame Height2~3 Meters (depend on the gas pressure)
Consumable material

LPG Propane Gas



VoltageAC100V / 220V - 50/60 Hz
Control way

DMX512/Manual (Power on/off)

DMX channels2 CH
Machine Size (L x W x H)55 x 24 x 24 cm
Packing Size (L x W x H)60 x 30 x 30 cm
N.Weight6 Kg
G.Weight12 Kg

Approx 2~3metres (depend on the gas pressure)


LPG Hose Connector 3 Way Y Splitter Gas Hose Adaptor

CFX1001_3 Way Y Splitter.jpg

Uses a low pressure regulator

G5/8'' -14 Shockproof Propane Pressure Regulator Gas Cylinder Pressure Gauge

Uses either a low pressure 37mbar screw on regulator .jpgGas pressure Input: 2Mpa   / Gas pressure Output: 0.2Mpa

we suggest customer purchase gas regulator from local market or from web store.

The regulator input gas should below 2MPA and output gas pressure should below 0.2MPA.

do not adjust the pressure too high.

Otherwise the stage flame machine gas tank will break and leaking gas (this will out of warranty).

LPG Propane Cylinder

Carlor Propane bottle - Bottle size Available 13kg / 19KG

CFX1001_Calor propane tank.jpg

Liquefied Petroleum Gas fire machine. hexagon shape design. 200W power. easy to find the gas source. equipped with gas hose and clamps. 100V/220V. suit for stage. party. wedding. standard packing way is carton box with foam,4in1 flight case is optional.


1: What kind of fire gas should I choose?

A: LPG (liquefied petroleum gas)

2: Where to find the fire gas?

A: this gas is very common and this gas also use for cooking.

3: Can I connect the fire machine directly to the gas tank nozzle?

A: No. you need to connect high volume gas regulator to gas tank, if connect the fire machine to gas tank directly. It will damage the fire machine.

4: What is the DMX channels?

A: the machine has 2 channels. Channel 1 is Jet a fire ball. Channel 2 is control jet time. It can make the machine jet 1-3 seconds. If push channel 2 to 255. The machine can jet fire pillar.

5: Can I choose flight case packing?

A: the standard packing way is carton box. 4IN1/6IN1 flight case is optional. If need please contact us.

6: Is this fire machine waterproof?

A: Sorry no. this is indoor fire machine.

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