Frequently asked questions

Issuing time:2021-08-02 12:07

Q:Is the Fireworks Machine completely legal?

A:The Machine contains no hazardous or combustible content. This ensures you are able to use the machine in order to work with spark effect in the safest way possible. It should always be operated by those who are at least 18 years of age, and it should never be done under the intoxication of alcohol or drugs.

Under current China regulations Spark Master is not a firework - check with your local state authorities if in doubt.

Q: How does the machine work?

A: There are various consumables that need to be purchased in order to fill the unit. This includes a powder that consists of a mixture of titanium and zirconium alloy. These are generally 200 grams per container and will give you up to a total of 20 minutes per container at 1-2 meters shooting and up to 15 minutes of run time at full capacity and density of 5 meters of shooting

Q: How do I purchase more powder?

A: The powder is available from a Spark Master Cstar LTD. You can purchase these direct contact with us.The powder is sold in cases of 12 packs, providing you with plenty of “ammunition” in order to create multiple fireworks displays, depending upon how many machines you actually have on premises.

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